Marriages Can Be Made in Heaven

Marriage: I could have never imagined just how beautiful a dance one man and one woman united in Holy Matrimony are able to dance.  Holy Matrimony is conceived  in the Womb of God, birthed into the world, and held together under the Presence of the LORD with the couple as God has ordained in His Word.  Even at age 45 and now 62!  Holy Matrimony consists of many aspects of which a few are:  
Love quiet looks, warm touches, loving eyes, caught staring at me (or me at him) with a sweet expression
Gratitude … for cooking a meal, cleaning the toilets, doing the laundry, for loving him
Kindness … from his eyes towards me, caring about me when I am weak, concerned that I am overdoing, giving me time alone or time together when the needs arise
Gentle understanding … caregiving takes time and energy and he knows – he did it for both of his parents, watches for my stress levels and tries to help me stay calm to keep my blood pressure under control, knows when to let me be quiet, protects me from the world as best he can
Communication …about love, about finances, about family, about dreams, about love
Friendship … holding hands, talking WITH one another–not AT, sharing life, trips to the lumber and book store, sharing life, sharing dreams, and sharing life some more

Marriage is a uniting of two people with two hearts, with two brains, with two personalities, with two eyes and two ears. Marriage is melding into one flesh and learning how to be united in marriage. From the first day of marriage until death do we part, we are learning.  

LORD, Your Word and Your Love direct us and teach us how to be Your best in Your marriage. We pray that together we are far more than either of us were alone. We pray we will grow in You, making our marriage all the more centered in You, balanced in You. We pray that our marriage shines into this dark world as a marriage made in Heaven, truly. We ask in the Very Present Help of Jesus. Amen.


photo credit:  Julia Freeman-Woolpert, Concord, NH, USA @ stock.xchng/#833820

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