Parenting When I Am Not One?

dcbab93ee74c1d117d3178dbe38c0452As a non-parent, you may wonder about me sharing about being a “prayerful parent.”  I understand your concern.  But, I am a parent to my Mom, to other’s children, to younger Christian women.  Because of this, I truly want to be prayerful when regarding these relationships.  They are precious to me.  They are important and well worth praying over. My mother has dementia.  My mother is very clear some days yet on those dementia-riddled days, she needs some parenting.  More than anything, Mama needs prayer.  Her mind gets so very confused, angry, out of control, and even fearful.  She needs one to love her unconditionally, to hold her, to calm her down, to ease her fears.  I handle her financial matters, paying her bills, and making sure she has fresh fruit and flowers, new nightgowns, clothing.  I did her laundry for years before I finally let the nursing home take care of that.  I keep her name written on her nightgowns and all else so she gets things back.  I try to keep her in touch with her two other daughters and her grandson by phone.  I hug her and assure her that she is loved.  So there are times I am her parent.  She is in my prayers all of the time.

I have taught children most of my adult life.  I have tutored children.  I take care of children one-on-one.  I may teach them reading, or math, or how to be kind, or to love gently, or just play with them.  I care about them and love them.  I pray for them.  I am a prayerful “other Mom” or “aunt” or “tia” or “Miss Linda” to them!  They know they are loved.
I have mentored several younger Christian women.  I pray with them.  I study God’s Word with them.  I may care for a little one of theirs while they run an errand or register for college classes.  I love them.  I pray for them when we are apart.  I am a spiritual parent to them and certainly am prayerful.You have made known to me the paths of life; you will make me full of gladness with your presence.  Acts 2:28
God has given me a gift of parenting in ways I could never have imagined.  He has walked with me through deep forests when I knew not my way, yet He brought me into the light and I knew my way because it was His way.  God loves me through each relationship so that I am the best parent I can be at that moment.  He teaches me so that I improve just as “real parents” learn as their children grow, and from child to child.  Wisdom increases, knowledge abounds as we grow in the LORD.  God is the Only One Who gives us these gifts and walks us through the steps of prayerful parenting.  We need prayer for ourselves as parents.  We must not neglect the one who is parenting!You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will receive me to glory.  Psalm 73:24 

LORD, I am so grateful that You have given me opportunities to be a parent in ways I never could have imagined.  You have allowed me to pray for each one and to love them with Your love.  As it is Your will, my Heavenly Father, bring those into my life whom You have chosen for me to parent and to pray for and over.  Your purposes are special and unique towards each one.  I am thankful that You use me in these ways.  May I be available when You call.  For now, LORD, thank You for giving me my Mama to love tenderly, to pray over, to take care of some of her needs, and to fulfill Your purpose for me with her.  May I always feel Your love flowing through me to her.  Amen.IMG_0053

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