Is Reading Playing? I Hope So!

I’m of a quiet mood today.
Playing does not seem likely for me.
I just want to be left alone to read.
To read what?
The Bible? Les Miserables? God in the Yard?
I’ll take all three with me as well as a journal and pen.
The place and the mood will dictate which book I shall read
or whether I shall just journal today.

God calls.
He wants to be with me no matter what I do.
I ask if He has something He wants me to do.
“No.  I just want to be with you, Linda.”
“Okay,” I respond with some hesitancy.

With hesitancy!
Listen to me, talking to God with fear in my tone.
He often asks of me, and should I hear His call, I usually am obedient.
Sometimes, I am too busy and place His request down on my list
and get to it when I can.
He may ask something of me that must be a Now Project
and by putting it off,
I miss the chance of dancing with Him for He is, well, was, right here with me.

And then there are times that we just sit together
to enjoy the moment.
When I read His Word,
He tells me things I did not see.
Or shows me the incredible Truth of Jesus, His Son.
Or He guides me in and out of passages
that teach me what He desires me to learn.

If we are reading God in the Yard by L. L. Barkat together,
He reminds me of His desire to be with me
wherever I am and no matter what I am doing.
We share sweet moments.
Just reading together.
He is with me.
I am alone and I am not.
I am reading.
He may be teaching,
enveloping me in His arms.
Our time together is a quiet play,
a delightful play,
a beautiful play.
I am dancing with the Lord
on days such as this.

I would say that reading is playing.
Even more so when the Lord is with me.

Here I am at age 7 reading between my two little sisters;
one is 4 and the other 1 1/2,
reminding me of the distractions that take us away from God.
I sit reading between two very possible (probable) distractions.
But I sit and read as if there is nothing around me, as if no one is taking a picture of us.
If I did that then, I certainly can be with the Lord as we read together,
as He sits with me in the chair,
or out in nature somewhere,
or in the library or Starbucks.

It is our time and our time alone. 

Oh, LORD, forgive me when I want to run the other way when You call my name.  Forgive me when You just want to be with me.  Forgive my fear that You have a task in mind for me.  If You do, then You are blessing me with Your grace and mercy. I should always want to please You by being willing and obedient to Your call.  I want to be near You, always and forever.  I love You so much.  These “alone” moods I have are often, yet I know that I can be alone and still have You near.  That is how I can be with Kenneth too.  He allows my quiet times and is still near me.  I love him dearly.  I can be me with him.  Thank You for blessing me with him as my husband.  Glad You called me today, Lord, and am so glad I heard Your voice.  Amen.

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