Come See the Glory of Our LORD

Embracing precious time with God, enjoying His Presence all around, 
His Love felt within me, His calming Peace over me.

As Kenneth and I spent three weeks traveling in and with our 25 foot fifth wheel trailer, across massive Texas, up into Eastern New Mexico from bottom to top, we were enveloped in the beauty of the desert, in the glory of portions of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the Sacramento Mountains, in the awe of Guadalupe Mountain Peak under sunset light, with joy of horses nearby, Texas Spiny Softshell turtles twirling and playing with one another in the clear channels of San Solomon Springs of Balmorhea State Park of West Texas.  Two adults with a young one following suit!  Brought smiles to us both!

The absolutely breathtaking view from atop a high point east of Taos, on the way to Angel Fire…

ranches below, hidden in a valley where tourists don’t usually go.  God blessed us with His sheltered valley, three lakes from one viewpoint…after driving over nine miles of dirt, large and small rocks, a “non-maintained” road…

He brought a sweet kinship with a group of horses used at Glorieta Christian Conference Center, stabled for horseback riding.  They would walk near our trailer, on the other side of the fence, nibbling as they went to the meadow for free-reign eating, sometimes early, sometimes late in the day.

Have you ever heard God whispering in the tops of pine trees…the wind sailing through green, evergreen pointed tops reaching toward the heavens?

That sound is like a gentle voice calling unto me as it whisks across those tops.  I calm down.  I stand still to listen and…hear.  It is a beautiful sound.

God embraces us where we meet Him.  We went looking for Him in His natural world.  We wanted to spend time with Him and press against His strength.  The mountains are strong.  We wanted to hear Him.  The wind and the horses’ “neigh” and the birds’ chirp.  We wanted to clearly see Him in His Creation.  The flowers’ colors and the bee’s transparent wings met us at every turn in this lovely country.

The clear waters of San Solomon Springs fill the CCC-built pool of the 1930s era and is still used today.  It is unique in that fish and those softshell turtles swim in it along with people.  The beauty of it is in the public use during the day and God’s turning His nightlight on at sunset just in time for Him to turn it off.

For the earth will be filled
with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD
as the waters cover the sea.
(Habakkuk 2:14 ESV)

LORD, thank You for being with us this entire journey across Texas and into a large part of New Mexico.  You displayed Your grandeur in mountains, Your loveliness in the flowers, Your refreshment in the waters, Your light in the sun and the moon and the millions of stars, Your compassion through kindness of people, Your gentleness in the horses, Your voice in the whisper high above in the pine trees, and Your Glory in all placed on display before our very eyes.  We loved being with You, Abba Father, and know that You are always with us, wherever we are.  We feel so small in Your Presence and are glad that You are Our God.  We love You, Precious LORD.  Amen. 

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