Home from Arlington National Cemetery

Home from five days in Washington, D.C. to lay my Mama’s ashes to rest in Arlington National Cemetery with her dear husband of almost twenty years, our Daddy, who died fifty-three years ago.  It was her wish to be buried there with him.  It was an honor, not only to have her buried there, but to receive a spouse’s military honors in burial.

Yes, it was hard, sad, but wonderful all at the same time.


Our small family was there from Hawaii, California, Texas.  The 98 year old remains were laid to rest at last and at the same time we are blessed with the beauty and vibrancy of a 16 month old, the only great grandchild of our mother.  Mama would have just adored her.  Life continues and we move forward.

We had to wait over seven months to fulfill Mama’s wishes to be buried in Arlington, but closure can truly begin even though we have been grieving for many months.


LORD, we thank You for blessing us with such a fine service, a lovely day, and for family.  Thank You for bringing us together and giving us special times to reminisce, reflect, and digest all that has gone before.  May the honor that was bestowed upon our parents at Arlington National Cemetery remind us of the qualities that made them the parents they were to us.  I thank You that one of my sisters was able to come, to spend time, just the two of us, together a couple of the evenings, a day journey to Mount Vernon and Alexandria, and especially at the cemetery our last day when we cried, laughed, cried some more, and reminded each other what family is all about.  And I am so very grateful for the caring staff at Arlington.  We have truly been blessed.  Thank You for prayers lifted high from so many people, even women I have never met person-to-person, yet they are friends.  LORD, You kept us all safe and brought us to and from nestled in Your arms.  I pray that the words spoken by the Navy Chaplain will touch each one there, giving pause for reflection upon those words which are Your Words.  You used him, LORD, to bring Your message to us, possibly to some who needed to hear it.  Praising You with all that I have to praise!  I also thank You, LORD, for bringing this new sweet life, this little child, into our family who is truly a joy.  May the peace that prevailed on that day continue to flow all around us in these days and months to come.  I love You, LORD.  I pray in the Mighty Name of Jesus.  Amen.

Your words are woven in

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