31 Days of God-Woven Moments

31 days PNG
This will be my first year to join the 31 Days Writing Challenge.  I will be sharing quotes, words from poetry, moments in my life, and God’s Word as He weaves His world into being and weaves His Son, His Love, His everything in and through our lives.  I hope you will join me and all the many others who will be a part of this fun challenge.

Day 1: Prophecy Fulfilled

Day 2: Bound in His Love

Day 3: The Master Weaver Poem

Day 4: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Day 5: God is in the Details

Day 6: God Wove a Sisters’ Reunion

Day 7:  Our Merciful God

Day 8: Spinning

Day 9: Proverbs 31 Woman

Day 10: Tapestry of Life

Day 11: Slow Down

Day 12: My Godmother

Day 13: Loom of Life Never Stops

Day 14: Function and Beauty

Day 15: The Spider and the Fly

Day 16: Life, Tent, and Loom?

Day 17: Woven into the Lives of Others

Day 18: FMF – Long

Day 19: Bound Together

Day 20: God’s Best

Day 21: To Honor

Day 22: SDG: Preserving Dignity

Day 23: The Intersection

Day 24: Woven Creativity

Day 25: Asherah

Day 26: Woven Quietly

Day 27: God Weaves Me with His Truth, His Love, His Breath

Day 28: Woven Care

Day 29: Woven Gifts

Day 30: Being Knit Together

Day 31: God’s Word Woven

Beyond 31 Days: Holy Spirit Woven

Your words are woven in

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