31 Days of God-Woven Moments – October 6

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I met my youngest sister in San Diego for a week of family and memories in a part of California where we spent a lot of our growing up years.  Our middle sister lives there, so A and I met in the middle (literally) as I came in from Texas and she from Kauai.

  • God wove the time that we would be blessed by each other and by every detail of the week.
  • He threaded the three of us back together as sisters for we had not been together in far too many years.  They would come to Texas to see Mama and get me in the bargain too, but they would stagger their visits for Mama’s sake.  We needed this.
  • The strife that had occurred a number of years ago seems gone.  God wove us back into a peaceable family.
  • Where extended family lived, we were all able to go to the desert and be with them and the one grandchild/great niece (2 1/2 years old precious child).  God allowed time together over meals and swimming in the pool and strolling through the town.
  • God threaded the needle with refreshment and rejuvenation, stitching our weary bodies back together with them.
  • And He wove the warmth of the desert sun and the pounding of the Pacific Ocean through us and in us to remind us of how great He is.  He is the Creator of this earth and He showed us beauty and might in His natural world.
  • God wove reconciliation through relationship.
  • God took the strength of the warp and wove our lives over and under until we began to look like a family once again.  Praise You, LORD.
  • God blessed us with moments of memories woven into those days.
  • He wove laughter and tears and joy and peace into scattered moments.
  • He held me time in His arms, reassuring me that I am His.
  • God wove His love into our lives, weaving us together.

Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.  1 John 4:11

Thank You, LORD, for this precious week with my family.  Thank You for memories and laughter and peace amongst us.  Thank You that N was able to be with us and be loving and filled with us as well as we with her.  Thank You, LORD, for my sweet godmother, Aunt A.  I am so very grateful that we were able to spend time with her and two of her three daughters.  They are family too.  Please heal Aunt A back to her 92 year wholeness.  I love her so.  She has taken care of me from when I was very young and even unto this day.  Thank You, LORD, for each and every moment from this past week.  Your love was woven throughout every moment and every hug and every memory.  I have been blessed, so very blessed.  In the Name of Jesus, I pray.  Amen.



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