31 Day of God-Woven Moments – October 23

31 days PNG

“‘Warp and Woof’ is the vertical-horizontal weaving of threads that create fabric.  The intersection and unification of everything is the tapestry of life under the Lordship of Jesus. Wholeness begins with Him.”   Dr. Mark Eckel

To be unified under Jesus, to find the intersection where Jesus is, brings me to a calm place, a gentle knowing, a sweet moment in time.  I feel peaceful knowing that I am His and He is my LORD.  The wholeness is knowing that God made me complete from the very start.  It is this world, this humanness that rips away the wholeness.  But as my LORD, He holds me near and continues to weave my life into that beautiful tapestry that He intended from the start.  It is up to me to allow Him to be in control and it is up to me to be obedient.  Jesus has never left me.  He died for me and wants me for His own.  Thank You, LORD.

LORD, I pray for Your hand in mine.  I feel Your Presence in my life and know that I must let go of any yarn in order for You to weave my life.  I want You to be the Only Weaver of me and to complete me as You intend.  I want to hear Your Words, Your guidance.  I want to see Your Light and know Your wisdom.  I want to be the Linda You desire of me.  I give You me.  I will try to leave me in Your wonderful hands and try not to take me back.  I love You, Jesus.  Amen. 


To catch up on the previous days of this 31 day challenge, you can find them listed here.

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