In Time … Eukairos

Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace,
that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.  Hebrews 4:16
εὔκαιρος eukairos
In time…
The Greek meanings for this word in this context may be: the opportune moment, the right time, the seasonable time

God provides the blessings from heaven in His perfect moment for my specific need.  God’s time is really all there is.  No matter what my schedule looks like, my time is in His hands.  My need is His because He holds that in His hands too.  His timing for answers, for blessings, for provision is perfect, eukairos.  I cannot rush Him nor can I change that which is perfectly His.  All is as it should be.  And I must accept that.  Yet, I should never doubt that my part is to enter the courts and come boldly to His throne where His grace is overflowing.  Kneeling before that throne, before the LORD, is my place.  Praying, asking, carrying the boldness He gives to me, taking it all directly to Him, laying it down at His feet, are my jobs in His time.  He hears my prayer, He knows my needs and my requests.  He will answer with His perfect answer in His perfect timing.  He gives me grace and mercy for today, for this very moment I stand in.

My time is God’s time … the opportune moment, the right time, His seasonable time … and not mine.  Grace rains down upon me in His perfect moment and from moment-to-moment until the right time is nigh.  

LORD, may Your mercies calm me that I may hold still, being quiet, awaiting You in Your time.  I draw near and behold the beauty of You, my LORD.  May Your time become mine.  Gentle and kindness are Your graces over me.  Perfect are You and perfect is Your clock.  Amen.

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