The Measure of an Aging Woman – Guest post on Blessed Transgressions



Just what is the measure of a woman who has grown to an old age? When the joints hurt doing simple household chores? When she feels unable to help herself or those she cares about? What if she lives in a total care facility — even has to wear a diaper? Or when Dementia or Alzheimer’s or a stroke or heart attack has taken the mind or abilities away? From a physical standpoint, old age seems immeasurable.

The world measures by physical beauty — slender figure, wholesome complexion, youthful hair color and agility. When so much of that worldly beauty changes, what is there to measure? Gray hairs, wrinkles, poor eyesight, hearing loss, protruding belly, mental slowness? The world’s yardstick is tough on her.  The moral and spiritual character often is torn asunder. Yet, God measures differently.

Creator God made His children in His Image. Can one allow the world to be the judge? God is Judge — He sets the standard. No other. Beginning to end, He sustains, carries, and promises.

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21 thoughts on “The Measure of an Aging Woman – Guest post on Blessed Transgressions

  1. So beautiful! I was thinking yesterday about aging (as I am) moving toward 60..and how will it feel to have all the signs of beauty fade, the wrinkles get deeper, the waist bigger, skin more saggy, hair more grey. Beautiful thoughts from you, though! Yes, God loves us, and will aid us in growing closesr toward Him! Visiting from next door at #smallwonder


    • Kathy, these thoughts you are having are so normal and real and HARD! God truly sees us through our creation and I praise Him for loving us as we are. We need to take care of ourselves as we are the body temple for His Holy Spirit. His care for us will walk us through as we stay close, I believe. Thanks for your words.


  2. Oh my, Linda! These words are beautiful. It hit me the other day, my generation of family members are the next oldest. I thought, yikes! I’m thankful God measures me differently than the world. What is in the heart is what matters. Thank you for sharing this beautiful reminder with Thankful Thursdays.


    • Bless you, Lori. These words are God’s for each of us. We need them as the world’s voice is so loud> His still, small voice is filled with the power from on high though. Hallelujah!


  3. So true, Linda – God is in our aging as in all things. I’m not sure i’m supposed to invest in skin care that reverses the inevitability of it all – what do you think? (:


  4. Sweet Linda, I have few true fears, but old age and dementia are ones that haunt me. I know that I can trust God with those year, but the thought of them becomes overwhelming at times. After watching my Mother be taken by dementia, my fear of it only increased. It is a daily struggle to let go and trust God with the end of my days, whenever that may be. Thank you for linking at The Loft.


    • Leah, Leah…I know. I write these words and the words of my post for my sake as well for my precious mother spent over 15 years with the haunting of dementia in her mind. I cared for her and watched each day and hour and moment when dementia had command and Mama did not, I did not. I, too, have fears about this disease, and I, too, trust the One Who created me and knows the number of my days. I am in His hands and do my best to be less in my own. We pray and we love and walk each day with Him and we share and we care for others. We love one another and I love you, Leah. Your sister, ~ linda


  5. I think about my mom and dad who are well into their latter years. My dad’s vitality is gone and I’ve had my last conversation with him since his ability to speak is gone, and my mom, in her 80s, is his full time care giver. Yet, as they move into the twilight of their lives, I’m reminded of their value to God. Though the world may not think them productive and lively, their spirits are still beautiful to Him… and still to me. Thanks for this post.


    • Yes, Karen, what a fine addition to this post. I cared for Mama her last 15 years of her life and ever grateful that I did. She blessed many and is still loved by many. Thank you for coming by.


  6. This was just beautiful. It’s easy to think that as we age we’re becoming less effective for the Lord. The enemy of our souls would have us look at the *tent* – the wrinkles, the aches and pains, the faltering mind, the slower step – and think that we’re worthless. What a lie. God is the Ruler (I love both meanings of that – the One who reigns, and the One who measures us), and He sees the heart. As I grow older, may my spirit shine, and may it become more and more like Him.



  7. At 43, I’m struggling with the effects of time, though I know my worth is not based on appearance or ability. Thank you for sharing. Blessed to find this post, and its fullness on Blessed Transgressions, as your neighbor at the Moments of Hope link-up.


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