Being Woven

Almost Back!

Sweet Friends,

The POD sits in the driveway; the movers are scheduled to unpack it Friday!  I do not have internet yet so am typing this at the library.

I so want to be back on here and am looking forward to this return.

I pray for each of you.  Please hold us in your prayers.

We have been in the pack-up, find a house in a new area of Texas (as it turned out), wait for escrow by visiting my husband’s two sisters, and now have moved into our new house with mattresses and patio chairs only.  Soon we hope to call this place our new HOME!


God has been with us throughout this process.  We feel so very blessed.  Lufkin, Texas, is filled with tall pine trees and many deciduous trees in between.  It is lush and lovely.

Caring through Christ, ~ linda


  1. Linda, I’ve been thinking about you and holding you in prayer. I wish you and your husband many blessings in your new home. Sending a hug and love 💗


  2. Lufkin….wow. A church there supports …Believers Bible Church …check it out. My oh my…had no idea you were “on the move” marching forward…leaving the climes of beach and sun and sand to the forest. Great place Lufkin, small but very easily navigable. Welcome to Lufkin…where the idea of the NET Bible began.
    Hugs to you and hubby as you find your way and settle down. Keep in touch ok?
    Blessings upon blessings…


  3. LInda, praying for you! Many blessings, beth


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