The God of Peace Carries Me

May the God of peace be with you all. Amen.  Romans 15:33


These few months have brought such change for us, such blessings, such stress, such hard work, and such joy.  We have sold our home of 23 years, traveled to the area we hoped to move, found a house, set that into escrow, traveled to relatives where we could stay for a while in Texas and Alabama, and back for escrow closing.  In the midst of those things, we ordered inspections, emailed and talked with our realtor often, set start-up dates for utilities, and so much more.  The sweet house we bought was not left clean so we had major cleaning to do while we lived in it…in order to live in it!  We moved in with two mattresses and eventually two patio chairs.  Two weeks later the POD was delivered and emptied.  Now we are unpacking boxes.

For two almost-seventy year olds, we are making it, box-by-box.  In between, we are changing banks, getting new driver’s licenses, buying new things that were old and decrepit, but still needed.  We love our multi-cultural neighborhood, this sweet town of 35,000, and the lovely, tall, green creations of God called pine and oak trees.  The lushness of East Texas is special after living on the Gulf Coast for so many years.  I always wanted to return to Oregon but this part of Texas will replace that desire.  The Pacific Ocean will just have to wait on my arrival for another day…probably a heavenly day.

Amidst all of this, God is my constant.  He is my still, strong source of peace.  He is the God of peace.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.  Romans 15:13

Such gifts we are given in our belief.  No matter what the circumstances look like, the calm waters of Christ surround me and still my spirit.


You keep him in perfect peace

whose mind is stayed on You,

because he trusts in You.

Isaiah 26:3

Father God, thank You for this blessed time that Ken and I have shared as we looked to begin a new chapter in our life together.  We have shared our time with two precious sisters of Ken’s.  We have been led by You to a neighborhood that is surely blessing us already.  We trust You for all of our needs in these times.  Please direct our steps.  We lean on You for comfort and strength.  We rest in You for the peace that passes all understanding.  And it truly is beyond comprehension, LORD, but it is of You and I know that.  I love You so and have felt Your Presence all the way…over the miles we’ve traveled…in the steps taken.  You are the God of Peace in Whom I trust.  In the name of Jesus, I pray.  Amen. 

25 thoughts on “The God of Peace Carries Me

  1. I so enjoyed doing a little catch-up work on your blog this afternoon. We did something similar 6 years ago. We moved 500 miles from lower Michigan to the far northwestern upper peninsula of Michigan. We have no family nearby, but we love it here and felt this is where the Lord wanted us to spend our retirement – an area where we get an average of 250″ of snow each year! Crazy, huh?! It was scary and exciting all at the same time. We pinch ourselves each day – couldn’t be happier! I pray you will quickly feel settled in your new community. God bless.


  2. Praying that you continue settling in well, Linda! Foley, AL, is about 5 hours from where I am, so it’s almost like a different state. ha. I’m glad you were able to visit there and make it back to Texas safe and sound. May the Lord bless you well in your new neighborhood and church and community! So many new things in store. I admire your courage in making the move. We had supper Monday night with some new friends at our church (in their 60s and 70s) who just moved to Alabama from California. They also talked about getting their drivers’ licenses, etc., and actually voted Monday in our special Senate election that day. I was very impressed with how quickly they are assimilating into their new life. I think I would find it very hard to do!

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  3. Dear Linda,
    I am so blessed to be reading your words again! I kept your last blogpost in my inbox over the summer so that I would remember to pray for you throughout your season of moving. What beautiful thoughts HE spoke to your heart in the midst of it all: “No matter what the circumstances look like, the calm waters of Christ surround me and still my spirit.” May He continue to lead and guide you in your new home!

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    • Bless you, Bettie, for praying for me throughout this time. Keeping my last post in your inbox to remind you gives me such a sweet feeling in my heart towards you, my sister. I love you and am so thankful for you.


  4. God is truly a great constant factor to cling on to when we are changing locations, jobs and other things in life and even when life around us is changing due to various crises that we have no control. Thank you for sharing.

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  5. That’s such a crazy change! I know that feeling, the overlapping of to-dos and important document change-overs and feeling like starting over again. Thank you for sharing about God’s peace today, I really needed it.

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  6. What busy bees you’ve been. Leaving something (place) you’ve lived in for 23 years (raised children) must have been hard. Lots of memories too. I like how you described your new location as a place God led you. I’ve lived in places that I wouldn’t have chosen, but God…
    Blessings and healthy wishes to you and your husband. ^_^

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  7. I’m so happy to read your faithful, compassionate words again. I’m so glad that things are going as smooth as one could hope in such a big move. Thank you for reminding that we have a peace that Jesus gives us to hold us through the rocky, difficult times or when you have to step out of your comfort zone in a huge way. You and your husband are in my prayers. Sending love and a hug. ❤

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  8. Well, then Miss Woven – you have been through an herculean task and with such aplomb! How very exciting and wonderful to have found a patch of green (not in Oregon- alas – a little gray there – my daughter goes to U. of Oregon) and new neighbors. I sort of envy you – I do like change but since Mark remodeled for 13 years we won’t be going anywhere. Either way, we both need the peace of Jesus and we have it. blessings!

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  9. Linda, what a beautiful post! Praying … Lord Jesus, bless Linda and Ken and their new home indeed. Do something so big in their lives it will be obvious it is from You. Increase their influence and opportunities to make a difference for You. Give them a continual awareness of Your Presence and Your Peace as they make decisions. Protect them and keep them from falling into satan’s traps. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen ❤️

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  10. So happy for you …blessings abound. I hope you got my other note about visiting Believers Bible Chapel there in Lufkin. If you go find my special friend Patsy Head. If we come by that way we will be sure to give a shout out.
    Am so excited for you and hubby as you settle into this sweet town …I know you will love it.

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  11. Beautiful – such an exciting and exhausting and unique time for you – thats a LOT going on yet how good is it to know where your peace comes from. Not based on the push and pull of life circumstances but on the steady life giving presence of Christ. One box at a time – I like that – you get to enjoy the slow progress. You’ve encouraged me today, Thank you. Your neighbour at Chasing Community Link Up

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