To my sweet friends,

As we cross this bridge from one side to this other … from 2017 to 2018 … may we look upon each day as the most important day there is…that we love one another with all we have today, that we give thanks for all that is provided for just that day, that we be kind and gentle with each other and those we encounter today.  I want to take those steps one at a time so that I do not miss anything that is there for me to find.  Every day has so much, so many gifts…let us not miss those.  People share words with us that take on special meaning just for us as we ponder them in the hours or days to come.  Animals give us their own kind of love that only animals can give, like a lick, a rub, a gentle bark or meow.  May our eyes be open to see the colors of the sunrise or sunset before us, the height and majesty of the mountains in the distance. the blue of the sky above us, and the brilliance of each flower at our feet.  The world has so much good to offer.  We see the bad, the negative, the harsh far too often.  Let us look up to see the beauty and brilliance of all that is good and positive.  There is so much.  God has called us to see that which is of Him.  May we see and hear it all.
May your 2018 be focused on that which is good and focus much, much less on that which is not.
Caring through Christ, ~ linda