God is My Fortress


A mighty fortress is our God,
a bulwark never failing;**




a castle, defense, fort(-ress), (strong) hold, be hunted, net, snare, strong place

(And just for clarity, the word bulwark means a defensive wall, rampart, fortification
a person, institution, or principle that acts as a defense.)

God is my Fortress.  He is the place I run to and take refuge.  He is the fortification, the wall, the stronghold behind which I crouch and know I am protected.  He is the One Who places me in the cleft of the rock where I am sheltered.  Praise Him for tucking me into a safe place no matter what I am going through or feeling.  Right now, He is my safety net.  He is the wall behind which I hide.  Thank You, my Father, for You are so much more than I could imagine.  Thank You for protecting me and caring about and for me as I walk through this valley of the shadow of death.  Oh, thank You, Lord for protecting me. 

1 And David spoke to the Lord the words of this song on the day when the Lord delivered him from the hand of all his enemies, and from the hand of Saul. 2 He said,
“The Lord is my Rock and my Fortress and my Deliverer,
3 my God, my Rock, in whom I take refuge,
my Shield, and the Horn of my salvation,
my Stronghold and my Refuge,
my Savior; you save me from violence.
4 I call upon the Lord, Who is worthy to be praised,
and I am saved from my enemies.   2 Samuel 22:1-4

God is all of those to me too.  David has given me a place to see just how mighty our God truly is.  The Rock, Shield, Stronghold, Fortress…all depicting strength and power and security.  This is the God Whom I walk with daily.  I feel His sheltering Presence all around me.  Oh, how wonderful!

For You are my Rock and my Fortress;
and for Your name’s sake You lead me and guide me.  Psalm 31:3


1 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.
2 I will say to the Lord, “My Refuge and my Fortress,
my God, in Whom I trust.”  Psalm 91:1-2

Lord, as I walk this journey, so much of it I must walk alone for grief is different for each one of us.  There are pieces and parts that may be similar, yet never quite the same whether it is the time, the circumstances, the way one died…so many factors.  BUT…I am never really alone for You are with me…always.  You guide me and comfort me, love me and hold me.  You are the fortress to which I come and find safety.  The world cannot touch me when I abide in You for the walls of the Fortress are deep and wide.  Walking obediently in You shelters me too.  O Lord, I am so blessed.  Yet, this road I am on is so hard, so difficult.  I miss Kenneth so.  He loved me like no one else.  Yes, Mom loved me dearly.  A mother’s love is so different than a husband’s love though.  So I sense I would be comparing apples to oranges if I were to compare my mother’s love to my husband’s.  Kenneth and I had a marriage with You, Christ Jesus, our Center.  You never left us.  Thank You, Father. 


Although that threefold cord feels broken to me now, I do not believe it is.  Kenneth has gone on ahead of me, as he told me near the end of his life on earth.  I do not know anything about life after death, but I sense that this God-given marriage is still that…given to me, to us, by You, God.  Of course, I still miss my Kenneth.  I know now that he was on loan to me for 25 years for which I am so grateful.  His time to return Home came.  Now I am learning to walk this path with You, Lord, and without Kenneth.  Sometimes I have doubts and fears.  Then You remind me of the Mighty Fortress that You are.  I stand inside the walls and know that I am safe and protected.  I am filled with gratitude for Who You are.  I pray in the Name of Christ Jesus.  Amen.  

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“Sarzana citadel fortress”:  https://www.cepolina.com/Sarzana-citadel-fortress.html

** “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”  Text: Martin Luther Trans. by Frederick H. Hedge
Music: Martin Luther Harmony from The New Hymnal for American Youth

Psalm 59:16 – https://dailyverses.net/psalms/59/16

Christ-Centered Marriage photo: https://quotesgram.com/christ-centered-marriage-quotes/

14 thoughts on “God is My Fortress

    • Thank you so very much. And I do appreciate you letting me know. I will head over there. Thanks again. These posts since Kenneth has died are hard yet so special for me. I pray that they will bless others too as well as encourage those going through their own grief. I know that is why God gives me guidance and words to make these posts.


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  2. Linda,

    Your prayer is so heartfelt and beautiful. I know our Father hears you and is reaching into the pain of your grief. I am praying you feel His presence and comfort always. Thank you for continuing to be faithful to His call on your life, and even in your pain, sharing hope with us.
    Much love,


  3. Linda, this is a beautiful post in word and in images. If my husband were to go before me, I pray I would be able to be as courageous and focused on the Lord. I know the Lord gives us what we need right in the moment of our need. Praying for the Lord to continue to give you strength and comfort you.


  4. Linda, as soon as I clicked over to your post and started reading – the hymnal “A Mighty Fortress is Our God” began to play/sing in my thoughts. I love how you dig deep into the meaning of the words to find the fulness of the truth of the Scriptures and how you share honestly about where you are at with missing your beloved husband. I am so sorry that he has gone on before you, you are an inspiration to me of courage and strength. Thank you for sharing this. Blessings – Thanks for linking up with #TuneInThursday each week and we are also neighbors at several places today.


  5. Such a beautiful tribute to the love amd bond you shared with your husband and to your steadfast faith through such difficult times. Truly uplifting. Thank you so much for sharing. Love Sam xx


  6. Hi Linda, that Luther hymn has been with my husband and I through some hard times, specifically in ministry. The fortress is never failing — in all seasons. This is something I have to re-learn in each season. I’m glad He was a fortress for you and your husband. I pray you continue to find this to be true in this season. Love,Amy


  7. Dear Linda,
    Thank you for sharing from within the place of God’s Fortress. You are a light for all of us to know that our own paths can be sheltered by that same loving God. I am continuing to pray for you as you walk through these difficult days, Dear Friend!


  8. Dearest Linda, so good to read your newest post.
    Painful though it is without Kenneth, you have found a faithful, caring, all-loving Fortress.
    Praying for you. Loving you. Thinking of you.
    Your Cathy


  9. Linda, I so appreciate the open, honest, transparent way you share your heart in your posts. I especially liked this quote today, “He is the One Who places me in the cleft of the rock where I am sheltered. Praise Him for tucking me into a safe place no matter what I am going through or feeling.” Many of us can relate to those words especially. Many blessings to you!


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