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Diligence – OneWord 2022 – August

Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded. James 4:8



to make near, i.e. (reflexively) approach:—approach, be at hand, come (draw) near, be (come, draw) nigh

Purposefully, I seek the Lord. Purposefully, I draw near to Him. Purposefully, I want to be near to Him in this seemingly un-purposeful period of my life.

  • I have moved across three states to the Western Slope of Colorado where I knew one person, my cousin, eleven months ago.
  • I am awaiting a condo-building to be completed.
  • I am not in a church yet.
  • I am holding a lot of distrust towards many who call themselves brothers and sisters in Christ.

I need Him close because I am not walking alone very well.

So, ‘drawing near’ to God in a diligent way is my real purpose right now.

I continue to read the Bible with “Sweeter Than Honey, A 365-Day Devotional” by Patsy Burnette. I truly have been diligent since January 1st and here it is mid-August! Only the Lord can keep me on track!

I somewhat calmly await the completion of a four-story condo building in my new Colorado city. They are still placing completion between end of December to March, 2023. It is getting closer!

With almost a year now in my new city, I have decided to volunteer. I am going to be in a kindergarten class, beginning this week. I will be with a seasoned teacher (but she is at a grade level and a school that is only her second year). I will be there initially thinking I will be observing more than doing, but I actually know better. Five-year-olds will be my teachers more than the teacher herself!!

…let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, with our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water. Hebrews 10:22

Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:16

Dearest God, As I approach You this day, I humble myself and ask for Your hand upon me, my moves and my heart. You know my every step before I even take them. You also know my circumstances and that which is in my heart. You know the aching body that I live in. Please hold it with Your love and Your healing touch. Father, I pray that You go before me in all I do and all I am. May this ‘diligence’ I have been learning this year be consistent with Your desire for my life. As I walk into this kindergarten class this week, please use me for these children and their teacher. May I be a light of Christ in their world, sharing His love, His openness, His calm, His caring. Thank You for this opportunity, for taking me over a few hurdles to get to this place, for this week’s new adventure. It has been a long time since I was in a public school classroom. Guide my hands and heart as You hold me near. I pray over these children for their ability to learn and for their safety. I pray these young minds and bodies be ready to soak up the lessons like a sponge, as this early age usually is! Thank You for the new friends I am making here. Please grow me, Lord, in community. I ask for Your guidance as I draw near and hold fast to You, my Lord. Help me not to waver in my faith, God, for You are faithful. Father, I lift up several relatives of my late husband, Kenneth, who are caring for my two elderly sisters-in-law…Terri with her Mom, Michelle with her Grandmother/Gary…his Mother. I pray for them each and all as I know this is hard. Please cover all precious givers-of-care in Your Grace and Mercy, my Father. I pray all in the Name of Christ, my Lord. Amen.

Diligence One Word 2022: photo at Pixabay; graphics added by me @ Pixlr photo editor

“Draw Near” Graphic/Photo @ Pinterest

Hebrews 10:24 photo/graphics @ Heartlight.org

One Word 2022: photo at Pixabay; graphics added by me @ Pixlr photo editor

10 thoughts on “Diligence – OneWord 2022 – August

  1. I think 5-6 years old are my very favorite season, especially for boys – such open-handed friendship, hearts so filled with goodness that unkindness takes them aback and surprises them, almost like there’s no curtain yet between them and the joy of God. Goodness! What an opportunity for a heart to overflow! Praying for you as you walk in the wait of so many prayers sent out – for peace, for hope, for a heart lifted in joy! Shalom, sweet friend!

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  2. Linda, I am sorry for this very alone time in your journey, yet I know God is ever so close to you. I commend you for diligently leaning in even closer to the Shepherd as He guides you on new paths, and holds YOU even tighter!

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  3. I am sorry you haven’t yet found a church, Linda. I hope a community will open up for you soon. In the meantime, enjoy the five-year-olds, children are indeed our great teachers. I expect you will have some great stories to share.

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  4. I love that you will be watching for what you can learn from the five-year-olds. They are wonderful teachers about life and love and loyalty. I know that you will be a blessing to them as well, as you walk alongside them. May the Lord make his presence known to you through them, and to them through you. Blessings to you, sweet friend.

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  5. Getting taught by five-year-olds
    would scare the you-know-what from me,
    put my ego into folds
    and send me up the nearest tree.
    I can handle biker bars,
    and urban pool halls, no problemo,
    but tykes will have me seeing stars,
    and call me out for being lame-o
    when they look past posturing
    that I do, so-called adult,
    and their words of scorn will ring
    so true, that “grown-up” is a cult
    behind which the tall people hide
    to protect the child inside.


  6. I know when we transplanted to CO from TX, we “felt out-of-place” for a while. May the Lord give you grace as you continue to transition into your new home state and await your new home to be completed. I’m sure moving into your condo will “help you feel at home” there.

    I pray the Lord gives you grace to forgive others and to extend grace to them in this season of uncertainty. None of us live life perfectly, and we don’t know if they will look back and regret this season or not. But we can love, extend grace, and pray for them.

    I’m so glad you are going to volunteer and love on five-year-olds and I pray that it is a good fit for you.

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  7. “I am holding a lot of distrust towards many who call themselves brothers and sisters in Christ.
    I need Him close because I am not walking alone very well.”

    There is something in this that is not what it seems. I don’t know what it is, but forgiveness is the answer.

    May you find all the right places to be, a home of worship in a group of believers, even lush parks to walk in or sit and watch the birds. The Lord bless you and keep you, Linda.


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