Diligence – One Word – November 2022, plus Gratitude

I am grateful

…for my life.

…for twenty-six precious kindergartners and their wonderful teacher, for being in my world.

…for family and friends, near and far.

…for God Who loves me as I am, for God Who adopted me into His family!

…for the 2022 USA election that voted for democracy. Thankful that we can continue to uphold the form of government that allows collective and individual freedom. I care about this a lot and know that democracies are fragile. May we have open eyes and ears to know the steps we must take in order to support and build this ‘more perfect union.’

…for the move I made a bit over a year ago, to be near a family member, and to be able to see a different kind of God’s beauty all around me each and every day…the mesas on three sides of this city, whether basking in the hot summer sunshine, deep orange and red shades of the rock formations, or snow covering the flats and sides of those same mesas…beginning to happen in this late Fall, early Winter.

Diligently, I…

…continue to listen to the Bible with Kristin Getty, while reading along with “Sweeter Than Honey, A 365-Day Devotional” by Patsy Burnette. a chronological devotional. I have been steady to do this throughout 2022 and will have read the whole Bible for the third time in my life by the end of this year.

…volunteer in a local elementary kindergarten classroom twice a week.

I have NOT been DILIGENT to write on this blog. I have had many quiet months of late.

Thank you for supporting me these many years that “Being Woven” has been in existence (since 2009). I continue to be woven.
I send Thanksgiving wishes to you for I am thankful to and for each one of you!

“Frame Weaving Lana” photo by Nicoletta Zanella @ Pixabay – https://pixabay.com/users/nicolettazanella-7135708/

“Pumpkin Vegetables Autumn” photo by Sabrina Ripke @ Pixabay – https://pixabay.com/photos/pumpkin-vegetables-autumn-basket-1768857/