‘Being Woven’ will be silent for some time…

But the current content will certainly remain available for those who want to read. I pray it will bless you, my readers.

Finding the good, the positive, even my breath…each are hard for me right now amidst the struggles and all set before me. I am weary and tired of so much…

I lost a cousin by a senseless murder.

I have lost friends amidst politics, Covid-19 vaccinations and masks.

I continue to await the completion of the building I will be moving into! Maybe early Spring, late Winter. I pray so!

I am a follower of Jesus, but am baffled by the church, by the paths ‘Christianity’ is weaving. I am certainly not a Christian Nationalist, a Covid/mask/vaccine denier, a migrant detester, an election denier, a racist…like too many Christians I know.

Trusting people is something I have lost.

I do trust the Lord. In Him alone!

Battles have been lost but not the war.

And I am still…


Your words are woven in

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