Giving Care God’s Way


I had been a giver of care to my Mama for fifteen years until she left this earth to be with the LORD on January 30, 2013.  Mama was a special lady.  She became a widow at age 46 and had three young girls to raise.  We were 12, 10, and 7 when Daddy died of Pancreatic cancer in 1960.  She was strong.  She could be stubborn!  She was a sports fan, especially to her Chicago and San Diego teams, both baseball and football.  She was loving and lovable.  She was a wonderful Navy wife, doctor’s wife, mother, friend to many, and especially to this daughter as I aged.  Mama had diabetes, becoming insulin dependent at age 85.  She also had dementia which took her (and me) on many-a-roller-coaster-ride for better than those fifteen years.

Where Am I?

On this page of my blog, I am linking the posts I have written for Being Woven of my experiences of giving care to Mama.  I will also link up a series I wrote, beginning July 18, 2014, for Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood.

3/22/2020 Why Can’t You Visit Me? – Pandemic of 2020

9/25/2015:  Connections: We Need Laughter now @ Being Woven

5/15/2015: Connections: Caring for the Caregiver, Part 2 now @ Being Woven

5/8/2015: Connections: Caring for the Caregiver, Part 1 now @ Being Woven

3/20/2015: Connections: Are You Being Spent in the King’s Service?  now @ Being Woven

2/25/2015:  Connections: Careful Medications and Eldercare now @ Being Woven

1/30/2015:  Connections: Journaling Your Way Through Caregiving, Part 2 now @ Being Woven

1/23/2015: Connections: Journaling Your Way Through Caregiving, Part 1 now @ Being Woven

12/17/2014: Connections: Is Giving Care Different During the Holidays? now @  Being Woven (once also @ 11/7/2014  Granola Bar Devotionals: Caregiving: Ceaseless–Holidays or Not)

11/19/2014: Connections: Memory’s Music now @ Being Woven

10/22/2014:  Connections: Preserving Dignity now @ Being Woven

 8/15/2014: Connections: Tough Decisions in Caregiving now @ Being Woven

8/14/2014   Postcards of Hope @ Scattering the Stones

7/18/2014: @ Soli Deo Gloria/Connections – Giving Care God’s Way  now  @ Being Woven

11/7/2011   Unstring

8/30/2011   Soli Deo Gloria – For God’s Glory Alone

8/25/2010   Parenting When I am Not One?

7/26/2011   Swinging

7/16/2011   My Precious Mama

4/21/2010   Her Mind

8/11/2009    Desiring to Be a Giver of Care…Biblically

5/14/2009   Thankful in the Midst


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