Origin of Being Woven

The title of this blog stems from my years of actually weaving with homespun and dyed wool, a craft I learned in the 70s. As I became more and more proficient, I can honestly say that it is an art for me.

I am ‘being woven’ daily. I am growing in the LORD. I am learning from my Savior. I am truly loving each step, too. When I say I am being woven, God created me in His love, in His perfection. For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother’s womb. Psalm 139:13 NASB (Other versions use ‘cover’, ‘covered’, ‘knit’, or ‘knitted’ in place of ‘wove’.)

Have you looked at a weaving up close? The warp is taut on the frame. The woof or yarns are woven over and under each warp, row upon row until the piece is complete. Looking at the back makes me wonder if I could possibly know what I am doing. Loose end are hanging everywhere, yet the front is beautiful. How does God see me? From the front? Do I see myself from the back? God knows me and knows what areas where I need work. I may look more like the back today, yet in eternity, will I be as the front? Perfected in Christ Jesus? I believe so. Oh, how marvelous!


Because I am human, I am ever-needing God’s hand to become all that He created me to be. I am being woven by God with each step. He teaches me through trials and tribulations. He encourages me through joy and sorrow. He holds me through pain and comfort. He guides me toward Himself. He loves me no matter how I look or act because I am His through His Son. I confessed my sins, repenting and acknowledging who I was before I said, “Yes, LORD, I am Yours. Please allow me the privilege of having Your Holy Spirit dwell within me. I desire to walk in Your Way and follow You. I am not perfect here on earth. I am the back of that weaving. Yet, I am being woven, hopefully, not by my own hands, but by Yours.”


Hallelujah! I am allowing Him to take each woof, weave it over and under each warp until I am done, until this life is complete. Then I shall stand before my King in His perfection. Oh my!

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5 thoughts on “Origin of Being Woven

  1. Hi Linda,
    My name is Rhonda. My husband and I own an alarm company, and incorporated a few years ago under the name Jehova Rapha. I had just sat down with my iPad and noticed a file on my desktop called Jehova Rapha. When I clicked on it, “Being Woven” came up and I read your story! Talk about surprise! I thought I was going to find something related to our business in that file. I guess the common thread we have is that God is my Healer too.
    5 years ago, at 56 yrs old I had a massive brain aneurysm in the middle of the night. The pain woke me up. Within 5 minutes I was unconscious, and within 20 minutes I stopped breathing. I was in the ER by then, and was put on a ventilator. The doctor in the emergency room told my husband that they expected for me to die within hours, not days, and to call the family and plan for my final arrangements. My husband was devastated. There was no warning of this aneurysm, and I was healthy and physically fit. In fact, I had played tennis just a few hours before this happened. To make a long story short, I was still alive after three days, and the neurosurgeon said that if I was going to fight that hard to live, that they should give me a chance. So they did surgery, and put a clip on the vein that had burst, and pieced me back together. The doctors were honest with my husband, and let him know that even though I was alive, I would never be able to function normally, and would probably be in a vegetative state for the rest of my life. Fast forward to today – I am not only NOT in a vegetative state, I have no disabilities, I remember all of my years, and my kids’, and will forever praise God for healing me. The ICU waiting room was full of people who came to support us, and I’ve heard that many powerful prayers were spoken, and that the Holy Spirit was there, too. For days, and weeks. There were vasopasms every day for the following week, which required lengthy procedures (about 3 hours each time.) Many times, people that survive aneurysms actually die from the vasopasms. So I was still in grave condition for weeks. After I got out of the hospital, we incorporated our business and we chose the name of God, our Healer, Jehova Rapha. We praise Him every day, and realize that He had a purpose for saving me. I am happy to fulfill His Plan for me. Praise God!
    Since then my husband has told many of our customers about what happened, and many times they are in tears by the time he finishes. It was truly a MIRACLE that my life was saved. The doctors say that there is no other explanation for my remarkable healing. I dare say that my neurosurgeon now believes. Some of our customers have said that hearing about this miracle has renewed their faith, and several actually wanted to be baptized again!
    Thanks for listening. I have to share this with as many people as I can. HE LIVES! AND PRAYER IS A POWERFUL THING. I can attest to that. Rhonda

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    • Amen!! Rhonda, such a powerful story and He deserves all of the praise! WOW! And we think we “accidentally” have “Jehovah Rapha” on our desktop and you get to share your miracle of life and breath…as we both know…not an accident! The Holy Spirit took care of this meeting through a blog and a business. Amen. I have been blessed this evening by your reading my words and then me reading yours. Thank you so much. Caring through Christ, ~ linda

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  2. I just saw your blog after looking for different versions of the weaver poem. I don’t weave but I did take up knitting last year again when my son was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. He’s 38 now and by the grace of God has survived beyond the expectations of the doctors. Knitting has helped deal with the stress of the past two years. Your website is full of beautiful silver and gold threads for me to ponder!


    • By the grace of God…I praise Him for your son’s healing and for His mercy. Sounds like He shed His grace upon you as well. And what a beautiful comment you have given to me…”silver and gold threads…to ponder!” You have begun my day. Thank you, Susan.


  3. Aha! Something else we have in common! I wondered, when I saw your blog-site’s name. Me too! I spin, weave, knit, dye. My sheep-raising friend just dropped off her drum carder for me to use, and some different wools of hers, to try out with my dyes. And, oh yes, stuck on my loom is a little card (as in cardstock card…) with that poem about my life being a weaving, of which I can only see the back side!

    (I also write Bible studies, which I’ve used with small groups of women, but I haven’t put any online yet. The one I have considered doing something with online is on 1 Peter, as well, but focuses on its opening, and maybe first two chapters, about our identity… My!)

    So… what a delight! I feel tickled inside! I’m so glad we’ve met! Hope to connect more in the future.

    Rich blessings to you!


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